Read the Otago Daily TimesChess Columns by Quentin Johnson

19/01/16 Australia's newest grandmaster
5/01/16 Carlsen back on top
22/12/15 Sutherland takes Richard Sutton Trophy
8/12/15 Russia dominates European Teams' Championships
24/11/15 Kramnik's burst too late for Candidates
10/11/15 Rains wins first South Island title
27/10/15 Croad narrowly misses IM norm
13/10/15 Karjakin prevails in World Cup marathon
29/09/15 Otago Club Championship decided
15/09/15 Aronian back to best
1/09/15 Otago Junior Championship shared
18/08/15 Close contest in British Championship
4/08/15 Caruana in top form
21/07/15 Illingworth and Guo Oceania Zone Champions
7/07/15 Topalov profits from Carlsen error
23/16/15 Otago Boys' High School regional inter-school champions
9/16/15 Grand Prix a US success
26/05/15 Otago club championship brevities
12/05/15 Carlsen era continues
28/04/15 Girl power wins through
14/04/15 Outsider wins European Championship
31/03/15 Open season on Otago players
17/03/15 Tomashevsky leads FIDE Grand Prix
3/03/15 Carlsen does it again
17/02/15 Younger generation comes to fore
3/02/15 Second Australian title to Illingworth
20/01/15 Ten share New Zealand Championship
6/01/15 Yu wins Qatar Masters
23/12/14 Otago club season ends
9/12/14 Carlsen defends world title
25/11/14 Grischuk dominates Petrosian Memorial
11/11/14 Sutherland regains Otago Championship
28/10/14 Lukey wins seventh South Island title
14/10/14 Smirnov toast of Trundle Masters
30/09/14 Fabulous Fabi storms Sinquefield Cup
16/09/14 Polgar retires after Olympiad
2/09/14 Otago Junior Championships
19/08/14 Dortmund doorstep to 2800
5/08/14 North Island Championship to McLaren
22/07/14 Lane takes Oceania Seniors title
8/07/14 Otago/Southland Interschool Championships
24/06/14 Karjakin repeats Norwegian success
10/06/14 Thrilling finale to US Championships
27/05/14 World Champion too good in Shamkir
13/05/14 Ker wins Wellington Open
29/04/14 Seniors title goes to Steadman
15/04/14 Anand earns world title rematch
1/04/14 Motylev takes European Individual title
18/03/14 Good start to Otago open season
4/03/14 Carlsen exercises his reign
18/02/14 Aronian in ominous form
4/02/14 Australian Championship to Illingworth
21/01/14 Wang wins championship treble
7/01/14 Russia wins world team title
24/12/13 Wang's near-perfect run continues
10/12/13 Carlsen crowned World Champion
26/11/13 Wang continues winning way
12/11/13 Wansink defends Otago club title
29/10/13 Wohl wins Trundle Masters
15/10/13 Victorious return for Wang
1/10/13 Career highlight for Adams
17/09/13 Kramnik wins World Cup
3/09/13 Nicholls takes Otago/Southland Junior title
20/08/13 Smith dominates Waikato Open
6/08/13 FIDE Grand Prix decides next Candidates
23/07/13 Otago/Southland Interschool Championships
9/07/13 Veteran wins Tal Memorial
25/06/13 Hague secures Trusts Open title
11/06/13 Karjakin ends Carlsen's run
28/05/13 Bjelobrk wins Oceania Zonal
14/05/13 Zhao wins Bangkok Open
30/04/13 Dive achieves North Island Championship shutout
16/04/13 Carlsen to challenge Anand
2/04/13 World Championship Candidates tournament - first half
19/03/13 The Psychology of upsets
5/03/13 Otago club programme under way
19/02/13 Carlsen grinds down Tata Steel opposition
5/02/13 Cheng wins Australian Open Championship
22/01/13 Wastney storms 120th New Zealand Championship
8/01/13 Carlsen breaks Kasparov's record in London
11/12/12 Success for Hague at Trundle Masters
27/11/12 Taking history lessons
13/11/12 Carlsen closes on Kasparov record
30/10/12 International flavour to South Island Championship
16/10/12 Koop impresses at North Shore Open
2/10/12 Close contest in Women's Olympiad
18/09/12 Olympiad triumph for Armenia
4/09/12 British Championship to Jones
21/08/12 Impressive victories in Otago junior events
7/08/12 Top junior wins Dortmund
24/07/12 Double holiday success for top Junior
10/07/12 Carlsen wins Tal Memorial
26/06/12 Otago/Southland Interschool Teams' Championship
12/06/12 Anand retains World Championship
29/05/12 Nakamura wins US Championship
15/05/12 Li selected for Olympiad Team
1/05/12 Jakovenko wins European Individual Championship
17/04/12 Surprises at Wellington Open
3/04/12 Junior development after Queenstown event
20/03/12 Wansink confirms ranking
6/03/12 Aronian dominates at Wijk aan Zee
21/02/12 Australian veteran wins sixth title
7/02/12 Queenstown Classic a resounding success
24/01/12 London Classic delivers exciting contest
10/01/12 Impressive field for Queenstown
27/12/11 Wansink wins inaugural Richard Sutton Trophy
13/12/11 Tal Memorial strongest ever
29/11/11 Germany wins European Team Championship
15/11/11 Otago club championsip decided
1/11/11 Kasparov defeats old foe
18/10/11 World number one affirms dominance
4/10/11 Junior Championship hotly contested
20/9/11 Tie for Otago/Southland under 13 championship
6/09/11 Kramnik crushes opposition at Dortmund
23/08/11 Lukey reclaims South Island title
9/08/11 Cheng wins George Trundle Masters
26/07/11 Croad secures first IM norm
12/07/11 Wansink wins Cleland Trophy
28/06/11 Close competition at Otago/Southland Interschool Championship
14/06/11 Veteran earns right to challenge Anand
31/05/11 Smith North Island Champion
17/05/11 Graham Haase 1930-2011
3/05/11 Wansink's Rapid return
19/04/11 Allan Chang trophy reinstated
5/04/11 Lights out for Amber tournament
22/03/11 Women's world championship finalists decided
8/03/11 King of the Rock
22/02/11 Nakamura makes breakthrough
8/02/11 Zhao convincing in Zonal
25/01/11 A dozen titles for Ker
11/01/11 Heavyweight showdown in London
28/12/10 Summer Rapid draws another raider
14/12/10 Otago club championship shared
30/11/10 New generation ascendant at Tal Memorial
16/11/10 Carlsen withdraws from world championship
2/11/10 Silverware to Gold
19/10/10 Ivanchuk leads Ukraine to Olympiad gold
5/10/10 Olympiad successfully under way
21/09/10 Practice makes perfect
7/09/10 British Championship stroll for Adams
24/08/10 Otago and Southland junior chess thriving
10/08/10 Ponomariov wins Dortmund
27/07/10 Strong performances at George Trundle Masters
13/07/10 Cuban chess tradition
29/06/10 The road to rapid improvement
15/06/10 Logan Park defend School Teams Championship
1/06/10 First NZ correspondence grandmaster
18/05/10 Anand defends world championship
4/05/10 Kiwi juniors seek Sydney experience
20/04/10 7th world champion Smyslov dies
6/04/10 Entertaining exhibition in Nice
23/03/10 Australian Championship a 2-horse race
9/03/10 Topalov victory augurs exciting showdown
23/02/10 Shirov fires up Corus
9/02/10 Carlsen rises to number one
26/01/10 Ker earns 11th NZ title
12/01/10 Veteran wins World Cup tournament
29/12/09 Dowden raids Otago Summer Rapid
15/12/09 Carlsen blitzes world's best
1/12/09 Rejuvenated Kramnik wins Tal Memorial
17/11/09 Grandmaster appearance at All-Canterbury
3/11/09 Carlsen receives pearls of wisdom
20/10/09 Jones tested in George Trundle Masters
6/10/09 Sutherland dominates Otago Championship
22/09/09 Substitute wins Grand Slam Final
8/09/09 Otago Junior Championship
25/08/09 Australasian Match of the Decade
11/08/09 Kramnik Returns
28/07/09 The South Island Championship
14/07/09 More School Teams Chess and Oceania Zonal
30/06/09 Logan Park win Otago School Teams Championship
16/06/09 Drama in Chinese Championship
2/06/09 Felix Campbell wins OUSA championship
19/05/09 Aronian moves into Grand Prix contention
5/05/09 Richard Sutton 1938-2009
21/04/09 Former columnist still champ
7/04/09 Battle of nerves
24/03/09 Young players to the fore
10/03/09 Topalov gains another World title shot
24/02/09 Karjakin wins Corus
10/02/09 Smerdon sprints to Queenstown Victory
27/01/09 Georgians Reassert Strong Female Chess Tradition
13/01/09 All Eyes to Queenstown
30/12/08 Armenia defend Olympiad Gold
16/12/08 Bob Wade to be missed in Queenstown
2/12/08 Strong showing by Gold
18/11/08 Anand defeats Kramnik
4/11/08 Kaikoura International a huge success
21/10/08 Visitors triumph at NZ Masters
7/10/08 Sutherland defends Otago championship
23/09/08 Topalov back on top
9/09/08 Veteran in top form
26/08/08 Otago Club Championship at halfway point
12/08/08 Conquest wins British Championship
29/07/08 Dunedin school teams final
15/07/08 Wang earns chess scholarship
1/07/08 Child Prodigy dominates Aerosvit
17/06/08 Third Otago Open for Croad
3/06/08 Top seeds share Cleland Trophy
20/05/08 Chinese year (of the rat)
6/05/08 Wang pursues GM title
22/04/08 Sutton gives chess lesson
8/04/08 Attacking flair from Dowden
25/03/08 World Champion shows class
11/03/08 Australia's youngest Grandmaster
26/02/08 Fischer's greatest legacy
12/02/08 New guard win Corus
29/01/08 Third NZ Championship for Chandler
15/1/08 A boost for New Zealand chess
1/01/08 World Cup in Siberia
18/12/07 Otago club season ends
4/12/07 Top Players on form
20/11/07 Conquest in New Zealand
6/11/07 Strong turnout in Nelson
23/10/07 Anand World Champion
9/10/07 Triumphant return for Sutherland
25/09/07 Kramnik puts title on the line
11/09/07 Stimulation for Wang
28/08/07 Final GM norm for Smerdon
14/08/07 Carlsen shows mettle
31/07/07 Going for Gold
17/07/07 Brilliancy Prize to Croad
3/07/07 World Championship cycle resumes
19/06/07 Garbett claims trophy
5/06/07 Zhao wins Oceania Zonal
22/05/07 Wellington winner to play in Dunedin
8/05/07 School teams competition begins
24/04/07 Close competition in club events
10/04/07 Champ wins with eyes closed
27/03/07 Change at the top
13/03/07 Alekseev takes Aeroflot open
27/02/07 Local club calendar begins
13/02/07 Close finish at Wijk aan Zee
30/01/07 Clean sweep for Wang
16/01/07 Wang wins first NZ Championship
2/01/07 Championship season
19/12/06 David Bronstein 1924-2006
5/12/06 Smith resurgent
21/11/06 Top players at Hoogeveen
7/11/06 Kramnik unites titles
24/10/06 Otago success at SI champs
10/10/06 Sutton defends Otago title
26/09/06 Triumphant return for Short
12/09/06 Canterbury pair share title
29/08/06 Two juniors share title
15/08/06 Season of junior events
1/08/06 Latest rankings announced
18/07/06 Success for Ukraine
4/07/06 Armenia win gold at Olympiad
20/06/06 Croad wins Otago Queen's Birthday Open
6/06/06 Topalov too good
23/05/06 Dive on form for Olympiad
9/05/06 Lukey's IM norm not luck
25/04/06 Sutton in fine form
11/04/06 Dowden takes Tasmanian Championship
28/03/06 Aronian has arrived
14/03/06 Chess legend visits home town
28/02/06 Rivalry at Wijk aan Zee
14/02/06 Organiser on to a winner
31/01/06 Rublevsky wins Russian Championship
17/01/06 Top players in Queenstown
3/01/06 Prodigy shines at World Cup
20/12/05 Bona FIDE battle looms
6/12/05 Confidence aids step up
22/11/05 The long and the Short of it
8/11/05 Champion still going strong
25/10/05 Topalov rolls to success
11/10/05 NZ’s loss Australia’s gain

Read the Otago Daily Times Chess Columns by NM Tony Dowden

27/9/05 Interesting waste of time
13/9/05 Supertalent opens up
30/8/05 Students share title
16/8/05 Swashbuckling play
2/8/05 Sutton's honour overdue
19/07/05 Kramnik cramped
5/07/05 Clean sweep for Saib
21/06/05 Anand reigns supreme
7/06/05 Johnson claims trophy
24/05/05 Championship announced
10/05/05 A grand competition
26/4/05 Early season dominance
12/4/05 Southgate in sparkiling form
29/3/05 A new grandmaster shines
15/3/05 Shock as Kasparov quits
1/3/05 Leko looking masterly
15/2/05 Garbett's luck changes
1/2/05 Getting set for the first move
18/1/05 Ker conquers Congress field
21/12/04 Sutton shows his class
7/12/04 Email provides variety
23/11/04 Sensationally unbeaten
09/11/04 NZers do well at Olympiad
26/10/04 Kramnik keeps worlds title
12/10/04 South Is title to Sutton