Chess news

The Week in Chess - For the latest in results and games from around the world, this is the place to go. IM John Watson's book reviews are also excellent - usually on books for advanced or serious-minded players.
ChessBase News - A great site for what is happening in the international chess scene, with many article including games, analysis, photos and videos.
Chess Chat Forum - An Australian-based forum site that covers tournament and club news, and discussion of games (and more) in Australia and the Oceania region.
New Zealand Chess - The NZ Chess Federation website, with upcoming tournaments, results and useful information for chess players in New Zealand.
New Zealand Chess Magazine - the annotated games archive from the NZ chess Magazine, along with a free sample issue to download.
50 Moves - A brand new chess e-magazine from Australia, in pdf format with downloadable game files for each issue.

Places to play chess online - A well-established correspondence chess server (i.e. games are not played real-time) with many coaching videos and other features. Guests are free and membership costs US$28.50 per annum.
Chesscorner - A correspondence chess server (i.e. games are not played real-time) with a good range of features that is well moderated & suitable for young players. Guests are free and membership costs US$19.95 per annum.
Free Internet Chess Server - Play live games here, with the Java interface provided, against opponents from anywhere in the world. As well as normal chess at any time-limit you can play all the major variants (shuffle, transfer, suicide etc) and have your performance measured by the Glicko rating system.
The Internet Chess Club - The original online chess club. The strongest players are to found here and the features include chess radio and relays of all the major competitions with live commentary. Free 7-day trial membership. - is the other main commercial live site that attracts the top grandmasters, as well as caters for players of all strengths. Part of the Chessbase/Fritz stable, access is free to Fritz owners, but membership can be bought and a free interface is available to these players and guests. is another very popular site for online play and tutorials with different grades of membership. is a new site for online play and tutorials and frequent live broadcasts of top tournaments with computer analysis. is a free open source website with games, analysis, puzzles, databases, videos etc.

NZ chess clubs

New Zealand Chess - An up-to-date list of links New Zealand chess clubs and other chess organisations.


The Perpetual Chess Podcast - A weekly interview with a top player, coach or other personality - with lots of coaching/training tips and stories

Training/coaching materials

Chess Tactics Server - a really interesting free site, where your problem solving ability is tested against the clock and you get a rating based on your performance.
Chess puzzles by GMs - Taken from real games, these chess problems are ideal for tactics training.
Chess Visualisation Training - A free online resource that serves up simple questions requiring you to visualise the board & pieces to get the answer.
Chess365 Online games database - A site that allows you to search over 3.5 million games to improve your openings or research opponents
Chess Killer Tips - Alexandra Kosteniuk's training site using either mp4 or Flash videos to explain tactics from grandmaster games
Chesskids - Loads of free online material for young beginners plus resources for teachers and parents of budding chess champions
Chesscorner - a tutorial for the absolute beginner to chess - Many free coaching videos by Kingscrusher.